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May 6th, 2009

01:28 pm - Cale @ The National gallery, London

John Cale will be interviewed at the

National Gallery, London on the 15 May 2009

as part of the

Museums at Night weekend

about his installation for the
Venice Biennale.

In Conversation: John Cale

Velvet Underground co-founder John Cale is representing Wales at this year's Venice Biennale, where he will be showing a much-anticipated mixed-media installation. In this informal conversation, he will talk about his work for Venice and discuss the connections between art and music. With Colin Wiggins.

Generously funded by the Outset Contemporary Art Fund Theatre.
Free, no need to book but places available on a first-come first-served basis.

National Gallery
May 15th @ 10PM


The Times
has a piece about John Cale and his project for the Venice Biennale:

Archive film, provided by the Welsh Arts Council, will be used in Cale’s show, but he has also been filming the Wales of today with the cinematographer Bevis Bowden. “I fully realise this show will be very public,” he sighs. “I will be out here. I will be judged.” He also admits, in a positive piece of self-criticism, that “doing this art has been much harder than music”.


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October 17th, 2008

01:18 pm - Cale was clearly nuts!

Hello,  I'm new here but have to say this community (& glam_lolz ) are simply brilliant. I have been Cale-obsessed forever and not many people get it except a few friends (who have probably all outgrown it now but I find it hard to quit such a legend) so I am delighted to have found this community. I am having mucho enjoyment from reading through reams of this shit everyday! I have seen Cale loads in concert, saw the Velvets in 1993 when the toured Europe and got this photo taken at Cale's keyboard a few years ago @ King Tuts Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow (got his plectrum, set list and got to say "hi" too because basically I just pushed in before he left the stage. No, I am kidding, I was working there at the time.) Here I am doing my best Cale-impression at the keyboard. I remember that his crew (technicians not as in ghetto mates or brothermen) all seriously freaking incase I messed up all his musical arrangements carefully positioned by Cale:

E is missing ...Collapse )I really love crazy coke fiend Cale the most as he was so avant garde and cool when he was younger then he had an affair with the white lady and turned into a fat necked maniac. This was best documented in the Nico biography Songs They Never Play On The Radio by James Young. Favourite parts shared by way of an introduction to you all:

Cale is prolific twice within the book. Firstly, he is under the influence ...

"John Cale plunged into Did's minature elf's lair in Balham. Overweight, overcoat, over here. Hiding his wild coke-stary eyes beneath scratched Wayfarers, covering his beer-barrel gut with a stained sweatshirt and a no-smoking sticker. This was the man who'd designed the aesthetic of New York's most stylish pop-group. Distanced now, by more than a decade, from the marketing genius of Warhol and the savvy of Reed, he'd had to take on the narcotic, alcoholic and psychic abuse alone. Yet beneath the overcoat, the distended belly and the bloated ego you sensed there might still exist a good-looking, almost likeable, Welsh grammar-school boy on the make. Did's livingroom was  suddenly full of him. He commandeered the coffee-table, emptied a wrap of coke, carved out four massive lines - one for me, one for Did's and two for himself. I don't think we'd even said 'Hello'."

"Over the following few days, Cale rambled a broken monologue, referring to things he may or may not have mentioned previously. Blurred by booze, confused by coke, it was hard to follow the sudden leaps of association. I got caught in his mad Welsh Rhapsody. He loved to talk plots and intrigues. Paranoid conspiracy theories were his brain-food. A paranoid insomniac with a bottle of Stolichnaya in one hand and a wrap of coke in the other ... Cale was clearly nuts ... he'd stumble about the flat all night long playing endless mixes on a GHETTOblaster. Nico gave him a shot to knock him out, he was bugging us so badly."

And then, in a later chapter ...

"I hadn't seen much of him in the past couple of years and I was suprised at the transformation. Indeed the new slim-line, calorie controlled, alcohol-free, no chemical additives, one hundred percent pure Cale-ness came as something of a shock to us all. He just didn't seem like the flatulent Druid we'd known from before, who drank champagne from a pint mug. He must have lost four stone at least, and looked ten years younger and fitter. His hair was dyed a very fetching purple/black and cut in a Rosa Klebb crop. He exuded health and wealth."

"Cale always sat in the front passenger seat taking in every inch of the city space. 'This is the future,' he'd say, pointing out a feature of some building none of us could see because his russian hat blocked the view.
   'Johnny Vi-ola! Johnny Vi-o-la!'
   Cale ignored her. Nico sat behind him, pointing and snickering at the beaver hat and rubbing her fingers together to suggest Cale's moneyed status. 'So fashionable now, so chic ... such a transformaaaaaation.' She whispered in my ear, 'But still a schmuck,' and enshrouded him in a cloud of Malboro smoke."

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October 13th, 2008

11:22 pm

Interviewer: Was Nico romantically linked with everybody in that scene? Was she linked with you and Lou Reed and..
Cale: ...she wasn't involved with Sterling.

Cale: The more she took her medicene, the more gravelly her voice became and
Interviewer: What do you mean medicene!
Cale: Drugs!

I love that at the end he's basically describing himself.


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October 7th, 2008

10:17 am
I'm posting this to link to for x_mas rocks as an example of recent writing. Although if you're in the mood for a CBGBs Cale/Mary Sue, carry on.

Read more...Collapse )

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October 6th, 2008

07:54 pm
Dear junkies,

xmas_rocks  sign-ups have started. Here's a direct link to the sign-up page.

The rules have changed a bit, the main difference being that you have to offer at least 5 pairings. There's about 6 pairings with Cale in and about 4 with Lou and about 4 VU pairings (incl femmeslash) though so I thought I'd pimp it anyway.

Be sure to read through the other requirements and check to see if you really have the time, though.

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September 28th, 2008

11:30 pm
Crackfic. Wilde's Salome set in the Factory

'How beautiful is Lou tonight, he is beautiful and pale like the moon,' said Nico, dreamily.

'I think he's just wasted, man,' replied Mo.

'He is like the dead,' she looked around, seeming lost.

'Nah, I checked on him earlier, he's just having some shut-eye,'

'He is like the moon, the virgin moon,'

'Seriously? The fucking moon. Are you high too?' Mo narrowed her eyes.

'Who is he looking at?' Nico brushed a bleached blonde stand of hair behind her ear.

'John,' she replied, trying to escape the conversation.

John lifted his head at hearing his name, his hair parting like a dirty black curtain.

'Shameless harlot!' he addressed Lou, mercurially.

'Where does he come from?' Nico asked Mo, drawling the words.

'From Wales, where he fed all day on wild honey and smack,' answered Mo, contrarily.

'He is terrible to look upon, like a devil, don't you think?'

'He's a pussycat,' Mo answered, slightly uncertain as John fixed on Lou.

'Oh! But Lou is fluttering his hands, like little white butterflies,'

Lou woke up, shaking his head. 'How good it is to see the silver wallpaper! So cold. So shiny.'

Andy walked behind the couch, giving an anemic wave to Nico. 'Gee, Lou is so beautiful tonight,' he said. 'I'd give him anything in the whole world if he asked me.'

John watched coldy on.

Lou addressed them all, without his eyes ever leaving John. 'He looks vicious, like a flower.'

John flared his nostrils.

'It is his eyes above all that are terrible. They are like the black boots which the mistresses wear, the black holes of New York in which the dealers make their lairs,'

'Where is he who saw the images of men painted on the Factory's bathroom walls, and gave himself up unto the lust of his eyes, and sent ambassadors into the land of Chaldæa?

'Is he speaking Welsh?' Andy asked Nico, sounding bored.

'How wasted he is! He is like a thin ivory statue with a pigeon chest,' Lou taunted.

'Who is this fancy queer who is looking at me? I will not have him look at me.'

Lou bristled, and then announced in a dramatic voice, 'I will kiss thy lips, John.'
John stared back at him, disgusted.

'I will kiss thy lips, John.'

Andy watched Lou's face, engrossed in the fast changing emotions playing out there. 'I want to take a photo of you Lou.'

Lou's eyes dulled with quiet rebellion.

'I've got my camera, it'd be so interesting,' he wheedled.

'Lou,' said Nico, her eyelids low, 'Andy said that he will give you anything. If you ask it of him.'

Andy frowned as Lou held John's black eyes, triumphantly. 'I want John to give me head.'

'Queen! Wanton whore!' burst out John.

Mo and Andy stared, aghast. 'Christ, Lou!'

Lou rose, determined. 'Don't be so square. It's just a little plate.' He grinned at the look of confusion that crossed John's face. 'You meshigener asshole,' he added, whispering in his ear.

He stood very still upright, his posture perfect. Waiting.

'You said anything,' Lou gave Andy his puppy-dog eyes.

Andy shrugged, and Lou grabbed John's icy hand with both of his.

'I will kiss thy lips, John.'

'Shut yer mouth, daughter of Sodom,' said John, swallowing.
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September 27th, 2008

05:03 pm

I don't know why the fuck I did it,
but I did it.

Also, I've posted it on my last.fm profile and allowed myself to link it to this site. If anyone's against, let me know and I'll delete it. But I think it's time to give this community a kick; it's too long we've been inactive, kids!
I need some new fanfics. I really need them. Go, work. In America, all we do is work. Go and spread the word around!
And may the cock be with you.

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September 26th, 2008

03:25 pm

I know.

I wanted my first entry to be really something. Hope you're not disappointed ;p

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June 15th, 2008

10:15 am
electricwitch and I have just started a Cale music blog:
In the Backroom


Happily I've found a discovered a bunch of Cale concert joy this week.

These files are from an 83 concert in Germany. This is my favourite Cale year, because he was a fatty.

Leaving it up to You
Thoughtless Kind
Old Cracked Looking Glass
Cale telling a batshit, rambling story about the riff in Ship of Fools
Only Time Will Tell
As electricwitch said, he sounds human here, laughing with the audience.

Concert with Nico, after the first two albums, I believe.
This is an interesting piano number.
I'm Not Saying

1984 live:
oh la laCollapse )
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June 1st, 2008

08:28 pm - Housesitting

Note: it's fairly melodramatic, sorry if it's akwardly paced; I'm much more versed in the characteristics of Bowie,Reed, and Iggy than John Cale.

Title: Housesitting
Pairing: John Cale/Lou Reed


Rating: R
warning: basic handjob and slightly graphic  description of ejaculation 
summary: Reed gets a handjob, Cale confronts him about personal feelings, drama ensues.



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